Village Club Camping


Conditions valid for the 2023 season

The cancellation guarantee takes effect upon receipt of the booking confirmation. This guarantee will end on the last day of the reservation or the day of departure.

The amount of the cancellation guarantee is 4% of the total amount of the booking. Subject to compliance with the contractual obligations, this guarantee enables you to obtain a refund of the sums paid for your stay, except for the booking fee and the cancellation guarantee, which are always retained by the campsite. It applies within the limits of certain imponderable situations suffered by the subscriber or his/her relatives (see description below) and is limited to one time per stay. It is not compulsory. It is offered at the same time as your reservation and only at that time. The cases for which the guarantee is activated are listed below (any other reason will not be accepted):

  • For sudden serious illness, bodily injury, death: of yourself, your legal or de facto spouse, your ascendants, descendants, your guardian, your brothers and sisters, parents-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law. Serious illness or serious bodily injury means any temporary or permanent damage to your physical integrity, medically certified and involving the cessation of all professional or other activity.

  • Complications due to the state of pregnancy, certified by a doctor.

  • Separation (divorce or break-up of a civil partnership) with official proof.

  • Serious prejudice requiring your presence following a theft, fire, water damage or natural elements, and affecting your main residence or your professional premises or your vehicle which are more than 50% destroyed (certificate from your insurer to be provided)

  • Economic redundancy of yourself or your spouse provided that the procedure was not initiated before the booking of the stay.

  • The obtaining of a job, or the professional transfer, of yourself or your spouse and its start during the period of the stay.

  • Cancellation or modification of paid holidays.


Free cancellation and refund up to the day of arrival in the following cases:

  • The client is Covid positive at the time of the start of the stay.

  • The campsite is closed for reasons related to Covid-19.

  • The client is unable to travel due to containment, border closures and/or quarantine measures on return from holiday

All these reasons for cancellation must be communicated to us by e-mail at as soon as they occur and at the latest within 48 hours of the accident or event. All the necessary documents establishing the facts (expert report, contract, police report, summons, medical or death certificate, etc.) will be sent to us at a later date for administrative processing, thus delaying the date of their processing (receipt +7 days).

Apart from these events, or if your request reaches us after the 48-hour deadline (the date of the e-mail being taken as proof), no refund will be made.

In the event of cancellation, the refund will be made up to the amount collected (deposit or totality of the stay) minus the amount of the guarantee and the booking fees.

In the event of early departure for the reasons mentioned above, only the sums corresponding to the period of absence will be reimbursed, i.e. from the day of the actual departure until the date of the initially planned departure.