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The Permaculture area

The Permaculture area

The Permaculture area

Discover our new Permaculture Area…
and all its activities !

It is in the centre of our eco-responsible campsite, on an inspiring and participative space of more than 1 ha dedicated to nature, where we invite you to come and relax by reconnecting with nature.

The permaculture area is :

A place to walk around
A picnic area
A Mini-farm
And nature-based workshops

Our Workshops

Visit of the
the Permaculture Area

Come and discover this new space with Paul, the project leader, and all our animators.

They will be happy to tell you the story of this project and to show you around this green space. This is the right time to ask them all your questions about gardening, permaculture, biodiversity etc.


Come and learn how to observe birds with our nature guides

It is easy, fun and educational for young and old to observe wild birds.

Become a birdwatcher in no time!

Pond Walk

Through a nature walk you will discover this particular environment, its history, its fauna and its wealth.

The wetlands like the pond at the edge of the campsite are often seen as poor areas invaded by mosquitoes. Aurélien, our environment coordinator, will help you discover the richness of this environment. He will give you tips on how to observe this beautiful nature.

Kokedama workshop

The kokedama is a superb spherical plant creation

that will always look good in your living room

Leave with a beautiful plant that has no pot!

Hosting Biodiversity in my garden

You want to encourage biodiversity in your garden, but you don’t know how to do it?

This activity is for you! Through a visit to permaculture, you will discover the different ways to welcome birds, mammals, reptiles and even insects in your garden.

My permaculture garden

We all dream of having beautiful vegetables in the garden! But how do you do it?

Marianne, our market gardener, will explain the principles of permaculture, how to apply them to your garden, and how to care for your plants.

Get your pruning shears!

Cuttings workshop

Do you like a plant and would like to have it at home?

Our cutting workshop is for you! Our animators will teach you an easy technique to multiply most plants.

Method to be repeated at home!

Seed bombs workshop

Do you want to promote biodiversity while having fun?

Find out how to make seed bombs and how to use them to start your own garden!

The little farmer

Taking care of our animal friends

Enjoy a moment with your children to take care of the animals in our mini-farm. Anthony, our veterinary assistant, will teach you how to take care of them.

For their health, please do not feed our animals without being invited by our staff.

The Druid apprentices

With the Mini-club des Sablons

In this treasure hunt, help our druid find the recipe for his secret potion!

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