By barge, on foot or by bike !

Within a mile of the campsite you’ll come across the Canal du Midi, a beautiful calm, shaded, waterway with daffodil flowers along its banks and quiet canal barges chugging along going their own way. If you travel along its banks in a westerly direction along the tarmac path, you’ll eventually get to Toulouse, but long before you get there you’ll reach the spectacular sight of the “neuf ecluses” (the nine locks of Fonsérannes) which is about 20km from your starting point.

If the Tramontagne wind is blowing, you’ll notice it. It won’t help you get there but it’s great for the journey back home!
If you take the clay path in the opposite direction, that leads to Vias which is quite close by. The route is a favourite for joggers who enjoy the 10km run to the well known locks of Liberon, which are quite unusual and worth seeing.
If you fancy a canal boat trip yourself, you can hire a boat through us for up to 8 people without needing a licence.