Village Club Camping



The area of L’Herault around the campsite is well known for its caves and underground features. The area is full of galleries that still remain to be discovered! Not least, there is the cave of Clamouse (a “listed” cave), but also those of La Devèze, Demoiselles, Labeil…and also the ‘Dent Creuze’ de Carespine in the Aube. When it’s hot and sunny outside, it’s often a relief to take some respite within the cool and dark depths of the limestone.
Speleology (The Study of Caves) or potholing is a little different, but not necessarily just for the specialists. Why not try an underground expedition for a day. Crawl through narrow and tricky galleries, slide along slippery paths, attempt a difficult climb (but watch your fingers!) …

Experience total silence in total darkness. You’re guaranteed an experience that you’ll never forget. It will be a day of sharing and real friendship with intriguing moments of true challenge. Our Animation Office will be able to point you in the right direction, if you have the stomach for it!