Do we need to bring our own sheets?

Sheets are not provided, however they are available from us (15€ per set of 2 per week). Unfortunately we are unable to supply bath towels

Are Barbecues allowed?

We are happy for barbecues to be used except on very windy days; this includes gas fired barbecues. The only stipulation is that there needs to be a minimum of 10 litres of water kept nearby in case of fire.

Are dogs allowed ?

Yes, only when camping and in certain locations (maximum 2 dogs permitted per family). Dogs must be kept on a lead and be vaccinated (Certificate of innoculation must be presented on arrival). Dogs are not permitted on the beach. The fee for a pet is charged at 5€/night/pet; Collection bags for dog faeces are available free at reception.

Do we have to arrive on a Saturday?

We have not had this policy in place for some years now. You can arrive and leave on any day of the week (subject to availability). A minimum reservation of 7 night’s stay is required during July and August.

What happens if we arrive late on our arrival date?

Arrivals are normally set for 5.00pm (12.00pm for camping). The reception closes at 7.30pm. Outside these hours and on presentation of your passport or identity card, you will be handed the keys to your accommodation by the security staff at the entrance gate. You will be required to visit reception the following morning (from 8.30am) to register and settle the account balance for your stay.

Is there a doctor available?

The nearest doctor’s surgery is less than 5km from the campsite. The doctor visits the campsite every day at 12.00pm in July and August (you will need to register at reception)

Is Wi-Fi available?

Wi-Fi network coverage is available across the full 15 hectares of the campsite, 1 connection free/stay.

Can we receive visitors?

Access to the campsite is controlled. You must wear your bracelet at all times to indicate that you are a client at the campsite. All visitors are required to present themselves at reception and pay the requisite fee (whether the stay is overnight or not). The maximum numbers of occupants at your location must be strictly respected.

Can my children stay on site unaccompanied?

The presence of a responsible adult is mandatory. We pride ourselves on providing a family environment, and that all groups (including youth groups) are reminded of their duties to be good neighbours (noise, cleanliness etc.). Failure to comply with these rules is subject to exclusion from the campsite without refund.

Are there televisions available?

Unfortunately televisions are not available. We have 9 large screens in our bar area with a range of international programmes. Sporting events are transmitted in several languages. There is no requirement to make any purchase from the bar

Are the waterslides supervised?

Of course! All the areas in our water park are supervised from the first to the last day of the season during opening hours (10.00am to 7.00pm). The slides are open to everybody who can swim and taller than 1.3m (4’3”) or otherwise accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian

Do you accept Holiday Cheques?

Yes, there are also various other means of payment: cash (Euros only), credit and bank debit cards (except AMEX), French cheques, foreign cheques (charge payable). Distance payments may be made using VISA and MasterCard only

Is there a disco at the campsite?

Not exactly! We provide a nightclub atmosphere (during July and August). For and for 6 nights out of the 7 nights after the nightly evening show has finished and up until 2.00am, we transform our bar area into a dance floor with a disco hosted by our resident DJ at the end of the nightly show, up until 2.00am. We have a dance floor and a real DJ booth. Teens are welcome; however alcohol is not permitted to under 18’s. Cap d’Agde provides the majority of the discos that are available in the area.

Do you provide fridges for hire?

2 options. The reception offers you the possibility to rent a refrigerated compartment next to the Pecherie and Golf sanitary facilities; we can also put you in touch with our local partners who offer short-term rentals on fridges just like with the TVs. 

Do you accept CAF Holiday Cheques in settlement of the account ?

Sorry, no, our organisation is not accredited with CAF.

Is there Bike Hire available on site?

Yes, we can offer this service through a third party. Ludovic and his team can provide the latest bikes; they can also help with some bike repairs, which you would otherwise have to source yourself locally. They will also be able to advise on the best cycling routes in the area such as a trip along the banks of the Canal du Midi or a trail through the tracks across the marshes

Do you offer a half-board option?

Starting this year (2019), the restaurant and take-away are run directly by the campsite.
It is now possible for you to add full board or half board directly to your booking (or upon arrival) at the following price per person per day:
BREAKFAST ………..6€ (1 hot beverage, 1 fruit juice, 2 pastries)
HALF BOARD …… 28,50€ ……. Breakfast + Lunch: Starter-Entree-Dessert (beverages not included)
FULL BOARD …… 46€ …… Breakfast + Lunch: Starter-Entree + Dinner: Starter-Entree-Dessert (drinks not included)
CHILDREN (<10 years old) Breakfast (1 hot beverage, 1 fruit juice, 1 pastry)…… 5€ (1 pastry) CHILDREN’S MENU (<10 years old) ……. 9,50€ …….. Entree-Dessert-Cordial

Which is the nearest train station?

We are located between 2 stations (BEZIERS and AGDE), you can choose either, but a bus service (Route 211) operates from Beziers to close by our campsite. You can check the timetable for Bus Route 211 at

Which are the nearest airports?

Beziers (12km) is mainly served by the budget airlines e.g. Ryanair. Regular flights are scheduled throughout the summer from London, Bristol, Manchester, Dusseldorf, Stockholm and Paris-Beauvais.  Montpelllier (60km) is a larger airport with Air France connections. Perpignan (1 hour) and Carcasonne (1 hour) also offer a good range of services.

How far are the town centre and the beach from the campsite?

The campsite is located at the edge of the village next to Plage-est. The first restaurants and shops are within 100m (100 yds) of the campsite entrance. The beach is directly accessible from the campsite and at 100m (100 yds) from the entrance.

Is it possible to make a reservation for 6 people and have an additional tent as we are 7?

Yes, this will depend on the layout of the plot (please ask at reception, or e-mail us in advance). There will be an additional charge for a tent and its occupants in line with the campsite tariffs for the selected dates.

Does the Tourist tax apply for the whole season?

Yes, it applies throughout the whole season, whatever your length of stay, but only to those aged 18 years and older (1€/night).

What is Eco-Participation?

Our operations are subject to a tax levy on natural resources (clean water), waste disposal (sewage and household waste). This is to compensate for the impact on the environment (0.45€/pers./night)

Can we choose exactly where we would like to be at the time of making our booking?

Yes, we are one of the few holiday centres that offer this option. We would ask that you provide us with 5 allternatives in order of preference as adjustments to our programme are often necessary to accommodate everybody.

When do we have to pay off the balance for the holiday?

We will review your booking on arrival and subject to any amendments we request that the balance be settled in full. Bracelets will given to you (which must be worn at all times whilst on site) which indicate that you are a client of the campsite.

Are swimming lessons available?

Yes, you can learn to swim here. The swimming pool supervisor is a qualified instructor. Swimming lessons are available, subject to request, outside working hours. You will need to make your own arrangements and agree the fee directly with the supervisor.

Do you have safety deposit boxes?

We have secure, lockable, safety deposit boxes in a dedicated room at reception (2€/day). Access is available throughout the normal business day (8.00am to 7.30pm)

Are there any ironing facilities available?

Yes. An ironing board is available in the self service laundry. You can borrow an iron from reception for a small deposit.

At what time is it possible to leave the campsite in the early hours?

Traffic is not permitted on the site between midnight and 7.00am. However, you may leave your vehicle in the parking area adjacent reception the previous evening. The security will open the entrance gates when you wish to leave during the night

Is there a shuttle service between the airport and the campsite?

No, but the airport is only a 5 minute taxi ride away, and there is also a fleet of rental vehicles available at the airport for short term hire.

Is the restaurant open to the general public?

Yes. The restaurant, shops and other facilities are situated just outside the main entrance gate to the campsite and are open to the general public. The water park in the campsite, the camp activities and entertainments are strictly reserved for those wearing the bracelet.

Within each category is all the accommodation identical?

No, they’re not all the same but comparable. Unlike a hotel with standardized rooms, each has to be adapted to suit its specific location, position and the local vegetation. We invite you to check out the layouts and consult the site map, which is available on our web page under “Downloads”.

Are there different types of terrace/decking?

Yes, there are 3 types: Terraces on a raised wooden frame with a roof as on our chalets and some mobile homes (The Soleos also have a sliding door to provide some privacy, and shelter from the wind and weather), raised terraces, partly tarpaulin covered, and ground level wooden terraces with a garden table protected from the sun.