Village Club Camping



Feeling hungry, craving something salty or sweet? Make a gourmet stop at the food truck. Our food truck is a friendly place, the place to be on the campsite. You can meet there at any time of the day for a small snack or a quick bite to eat.

With a range of savoury and sweet food trucks, you can multiply your snacking desires. Whether you are lacking inspiration or just want to treat yourself, succumb to the recipes of our savoury food truck or our sweet food truck.

One thing is certain, in our food truck you will find something for the whole family.

In the savoury food truck, let yourself be tempted by burgers, paninis, salads, nuggets and, of course, Chips. Do you have a sweet tooth for a snack or to end the day in style? Go for the sweet food truck and its delicious crepes or waffles.

This is another snacking solution that will make life easier for many holidaymakers! A plus for your relaxation.

You can take your food with you wherever you want. In your mobile home, your camper van and why not on the beach, so you don’t lose a minute of sunshine. The food truck at the Sablons campsite is the ideal solution for enjoying your holiday.