Be in touch with nature

A Natural Mediterranean Environment

The best thing about camping is living in the midst of a natural habitat.

Les Sablons is nestled in the heart of an exceptional raw landscape. We have managed to embellish our beautiful site with trees, flowers and luxuriant vegetation.
Your senses will come alive to a variety of fragrances, from pink laurels to lantanas, white poplars, blackberry bushes, eleanus or washingtonia and many more.

Because the environment you live in affects your peace of mind, our four gardeners work from the early morning: trimming trees and cutting grass, then picking up papers and rubbish. So, if you can also take good care of the environment, by not dropping litter for example, they will have more time to plant flowers and trees in more areas across the site… That’s what we all love about camping: the opportunity to experience Nature at its best.

Perfect Environment